Behold the Fightin' Hand

Episode 15 · December 5th, 2017 · 1 hr 52 mins

About this Episode

Series 2 begins! Rachel and Alex jump into the Tennant era feet first. We take on robo-santas, UNIT soldiers, the sinister Sycorax, and a brand-new Doctor, now younger, sexier, more prone to sword fighting. Are you guys ready? Allons-Y!

Show Notes:

The Doctor Who Intros Supercut

Turns out, we misidentified the skyscraper in the episode as The Shard. The one that has all its glass break in The Christmas Invasion isn't the shard. It's 30 St Mary Axe

Rachel never did remember who she was going to promote at the end of the show. Sorry, forgotten person! Maybe by next week, she'll remember.